Noel Thomson

Front End Engineer

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I have a lifelong passion for technology and enjoy implementing modern designs, making them dynamic and responsive, and solving technical problems. I'm proficient in JavaScript/ES6, ReactJS, Sass/CSS3, HTML5 and knowledgable in NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB. Below are recent projects that showcase my skill set.


  • Apple Landing Page

    Apple's Homepage Recreated

    HTML • Sass

  • E-Commerce Design

    Classic Web Design

    HTML • Sass • JavaScript

  • Westwood Financial

    Tax and Accounting Firm

    HTML • Sass • Bootstrap • JavaScript

  • Digital Agency Website

    Dynamic Web Design

    HTML • Sass • JavaScript

  • Movie Database

    Search for Film Information

    JavaScript • Sass • Bootstrap

  • Blackjack

    Two Player Card Game

    JavaScript • CSS • HTML

  • E-Commerce Store

    Purchase Tech Products

    React/Redux • Express • MongoDB

  • Photography Generator

    Search Engine for HD Photos

    JavaScript • Sass • HTML

  • Pomodoro Timer

    Time Management Tool

    React • JavaScript • Sass


I come from a strong creative and problem solving background, enjoy being a major contributor and thrive on new challenges. I plan to become a strong full-stack engineer and expand into mobile development as my skillset grows. When I’m not coding, you can find me playing guitar and piano, or producing music.

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