Noel Thomson

Product Manager

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Hi There! I'm a Product Manager with a background in Software Development and a passion for driving consumer value through high impact product releases. Below you will find portfolio projects that demonstrate my passion for Software Development, User Experience and Design.


  • Apple Landing Page

    Apple's Homepage Recreated

    HTML • Sass

  • E-Commerce Design

    Classic Web Design

    HTML • Sass • JavaScript

  • Westwood Financial

    Tax and Accounting Firm

    HTML • Sass • Bootstrap • JavaScript

  • Digital Agency Website

    Dynamic Web Design

    HTML • Sass • JavaScript

  • Movie Database

    Search for Film Information

    JavaScript • Sass • Bootstrap

  • Blackjack

    Two Player Card Game

    JavaScript • CSS • HTML

  • E-Commerce Store

    Purchase Tech Products

    React/Redux • Express • MongoDB

  • Photography Generator

    Search Engine for HD Photos

    JavaScript • Sass • HTML

  • Pomodoro Timer

    Time Management Tool

    React • JavaScript • Sass


Coming from a strong creative and problem solving background, I thrive in challenging environments and enjoy being a key contributor. When I’m not delivering software products, you can find me playing guitar and piano, or producing music.

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